kid in a candy store

During our last few hours in Indianapolis we stumbled across Rocket Fizz, an old fashioned candy and soda pop store. I almost burst with excitement! Such a riot of colour and amazing graphics the like of which Willy Wonka could only have dreamed about.

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words:


LOOK! candy bars

Hershey's and Valomilk

Slo Poke and Black Cow candy bars

Boylan's Soda

Rocket Fizz limeade

Soda pops!

Cock Cola and Spiffy

ALL the taffy

Abba-zaba taffy bars

Whirly Pop!

Junior Mints and Big Hunk

Rock candy

Saltwater Taffy


I left with a bag full of saltwater taffy, one of my favourite American candy indulgences, and a Slo Poke as the manufacturer is Atkinson’s.

Yum yum!

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  1. Frauke says

    :-) although I read the post last week I just glanced at the title and read “Knit in a candy store” – my first thought was: “why not?”

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