Yoked Sweater || my life in knitwear

There have been a number of very surreal moments in my Tech Editor career and one of them came last year when I received an email from Kate Davies. It took a minute for me to compute: Kate Davies? Kate Davies? oh, Kate Davies! I’m thrilled to now be able to say I am working… 

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the knit generation

Acorn scarf detail by Rachel Atkinson || my life in knitwear

I’m so thrilled to be able to finally share my designs for a gorgeous new book published by Quail entitled, The Knit Generation. Work started on this project last autumn and the finished book dropped through my letterbox this week. Curated and styled by Sarah Hatton, with beautiful photography by India Hobson, there are 15 accessory projects… 

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corfu days: dawn to dusk

Local bay at dusk  || my life in knitwear

We tend to go away at the hottest time of the year but Corfu was experiencing an unusually cloudy late July. However, there are benefits to the cloudiness: I can’t get enough of these bleached morning colours – they’re so delicate and almost indescribable in their shades. Thankfully the clouds were chased away leaving days… 

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bride and groom

Mini Mochi Bride & Groom || my life in knitwear

Whilst we were away a friend who I met through knitting got married, and what could be more appropriate for a knitting bride than a knitted Bride with her Groom: Aren’t they a lovely couple! I particularly like the veil blowing in the breeze: And to give you and idea of scale, they are tiny enough… 

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the year in books: july and august

Holiday reading || my life in knitwear

We are back in Blightly with a bump following a long overdue holiday (more on that next week). Holiday is my time for serious reading and I was really looking forward to reading for pleasure again rather than just for work. Below is the selection of books we took away with us. The post was written before I… 

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vintage knitting kit

Yarn beehive || my life in knitwear

Spurred on by the darning masterclass with Tom of Holland, last weeks rummage for darning mushrooms came up trumps and it would seem I have acquired more than I thought I had. First out of the box was this well-loved wooden mushroom which is so worn down you have to work your way around all… 

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letter from grandma

Letter from Grandma || my life in knitwear

I was rummging through a couple of storage boxes last night in search of a darning mushroom (as you do), and found my old Filofax. Tucked in the back pocket is one of my favourite letters sent to me from Grandma in 1996 whilst I was studying at Central Saint Martins. We corresponded on a… 

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