textured washcloths

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

I’m so pleased to be presenting another new crochet pattern which features in the latest issue of Inside Crochet magazine: These are Textured Washcloths, crocheted in Patons Cotton DK and ideal for improving beginners or those of you looking for a quick gift make, or just because! I love this stitch pattern – the texture makes it… 

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the department of repair

Mum and Dad Sweater by Tom of Holland || my life in knitwear

I spent last Friday afternoon refreshing my mending and darning skills with Tom of Holland as part of a really interesting project taking place at Camberwell Space within the Camberwell College of the Arts. The Department of Repair is an evolving project curated by Bridget Harvey, Michael Hurley, Karen Richmond and Maiko Tsutsumi exploring the art… 

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preserving january

Mr K's marmalade || my life in knitwear

There’s been a fair amount of kitchen activity over the past week as both me and Mr K have both been cooking up some preserved treats in the kitchen, although the first is probably not what you were expecting to see… I had great success with the 6-year old Christmas Pudding we ate on Christmas Day…. 

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from stash 2015

Sorrell hat || my life in knitwear

It started with the Sorrell pattern from the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly and an obsession with this incredible Citrine shade by Erika Knight for John Lewis… Soon followed the Woolly Wormhead mystery Sophora hat… …and the Greengage Beanie in the festive Wesley Bobs red of Baa Ram Ewe Titus… Then with Christmas on the horizon… 

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je suis charlie

The pen is mightier than the sword || my life in knitwear

True, This! – Beneath the rule of men entirely great, The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold The arch-enchanters wand! – itself a nothing! – But taking sorcery from the master-hand To paralyse the Caesars, and to strike The loud earth breathless! – Take away the sword – States can be saved without it!… 

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hello 2015…

The Year of the Sheep || my life in knitwear

Just as I did on New Years Eve 2013, so I did for New Years Eve 2014 and tucked myself up in bed before midnight with Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney and Grayson Perry, reading and listening to the fireworks booming across London. 2014 disappeared in a blur. I have no idea where the days have… 

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24th december: merry christmas!

Door 24 || my life in knitwear

Here we are again, Christmas once more! It comes around so quickly doesn’t it – where do the days in December go? Me and Mr K will be celebrating with our own surreal version of the nativity: Along our journey there will be a Shepherd, a baby, several mothers, more than a few ‘Wise Men’, a whole… 

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23rd december: what’s on your tree?

Mairead's Angels || my life in knitwear

There were some wonderful comments, with really lovely stories, left as entries for the MillaMia giveaway, and as someone who is rather sentimental about the decorations which go on our Christmas Tree, it was good to hear I’m not alone! I got in touch with a number of people and asked a few other friends to… 

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22nd december: christmas around london

Door wreath || my life in knitwear

I love watching the big public Christmas decorations and pretty festive windows appearing around London, and caught a few of them for you last year. Would you like to have a peek at what’s lighting up the town for 2014? These staggering stags, in their woodland setting, greet diners at restaurant 34 just off Grosvenor Square: Wandering up to… 

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21st december: salted chocolate toffee pretzel bark

Chocolate topped bark || my life in knitwear

Cor, that’s a mouthful! Let’s run through it again… Salted. Chocolate. Toffee. Pretzel. Bark. Oh my! Instead of running round the shops like a turkey that’s just lost it’s head, can I offer you this sweet and simple recipe which is quick to make and perfect for gifting as an alternative? The original recipe is from Mel’s Kitchen… 

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20th december: a stranger at the table

A stranger at the table || my life in knitwear

A few articles caught my eye this week; The first was in The Telegraph and tells of an 86 year old widow who, for a variety of reasons, would have been spending Christmas alone again and has decided to do something about it. And so she has hired a 50-cover pub, and ‘extended an open invite to people… 

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19th december: the nutcracker

Penguin edition of The Nutcracker || my life in knitwear

I talked about The Nutcracker ballet last year and how it has become a part of the build-up to Christmas. Sadly The Royal Ballet are not performing it this year, and having been unsure about how the knee would be I haven’t booked tickets to see it anywhere else. To console myself and my friend… 

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18th december: rowan loves…

Rowan Loves cover || my life in knitwear

I’m so thrilled to welcome Sarah Hatton back to the blog and this time with her latest collection of knitting patterns. “Rowan Loves…” is the first in a new series of publications celebrating classic yarns from the Rowan range. This volume focuses on two of my favourite Rowan yarns, Kidsilk Haze and Felted Tweed – very… 

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17th december: nut topping

Nut topped cake || my life in knitwear

After I made the Creole Christmas Cake the lovely Josiekitten asked if I would be decorating it with the Glazed Nut Topping, which Delia suggests is particular good with it. I’ve never tried icing a Christmas cake in full so knew marzipan and real icing wasn’t going to happen, but have since been thinking about the… 

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16th december: swoon lounge

Swoon Lounge logo || my life in knitwear

Swoon is a gorgeous new online shop from Susan Cropper, owner of my favourite local yarn store Loop, and her business partner in this new adventure, Anthony Duncan-Smith. With a shared love of beautiful, eclectic and quirky design that has given Loop so much of its personality, Swoon is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for… 

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14th december: counting my blessings

festive berry vase || my life in knitwear

I woke this morning to the most beautiful pink sunrise and a restored sense of calm. Following a spot of work, there’s a day ahead of me in the company of like-minded friends before returning home to a hearty venison stew cooked by Mr K with meat from my Father’s estate. I’m counting my blessings… 

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12th december: eternally

Eternally by Rachel Atkinson || my life in knitwear

For today’s Advent post you need to hop over to Loop Knit Lounge where my latest pattern has been published and is available as a free gift to all of you: Eternally is a super chunky cowl, crocheted from 2 skeins of gorgeous Madelinetosh Home yarn. It works up in no time at all making… 

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11th december: christmas cards

Christmas Stocking Card

A knitterly card arrived from our friends in Italy – clearly they know me too well… I had all good intentions of writing my Christmas cards whilst recuperating but knitting seemed to get in the way of those plans! So now I’m finding five minutes here and there to write a few words to friends around… 

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10th december: knit your own farm

Knit your own Farm cover || my life in knitwear

As the knitting daughter of a shepherd, I don’t think there could be a book more appropriate for me than the recently published Knit your own Farm. The book is the latest in the brilliant series by the talented design duo, Sally Muir and Joanne Osborne, creators of the ‘Best in Show‘ collections of knitted dogs and cats… 

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9th december: the year in books; december

The Guest Cat || my life in knitwear

Last Thursday I thought it was about time me and The Knee got ourselves out of the flat for a wander, and so I headed into town. After a haircut, which always makes me feel better, I had good intentions of buying a few Christmas presents and found myself on Marylebone High Street which is a… 

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8th december: clementine cake

Clementine Cake with Clotted Cream

I love this cake. LOVE it! It’s one of the easiest cakes in the world to make, is a wonderful alternative (or addition) to traditional Christmas fruit cake and requires very little effort. You use the whole of the clementine, bar the pips, giving it a bitter, Seville marmalade edge whilst the almonds make it gloriously damp and… 

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7th december: christmas challenges

Christmas bauble || my life in knitwear

For a whole host of different reasons, Christmas is a very difficult time for many. Today I welcome a guest writer who is reflecting on the challenges Christmas brings for adoptive parents and their children. It will come as no surprise that adopting children has changed our experience of Christmas. It has changed our experience… 

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6th december: mitten tree day

The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen || my life in knitwear

Apparently today, the 6th December is Mitten Tree Day – who knew?! A bit of light digging around found that Mitten Tree Day started in response to The Mitten Tree, a book written by Candace Christiansen and published in 2009, although it appears to now be out of print. It’s not a story I knew prior to… 

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5th december: just a card

Rhythmic Leaves card by artist Sarah Hamilton

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and whilst large companies go crazy over ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’, a campaign to support the small independent retailer or maker on your high street has been launched. Just A Card is the brainchild of talented artist, designer and all-round lovely person, Sarah Hamilton, in collaboration with Mollie Makes and… 

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4th december: millamia

MillaMia Winter Knitting || my life in knitwear

It’s a pleasure to have the wonderful yarn company MillaMia as my guests today, and there’s a fab giveaway for one of my lucky readers to win! Whilst rummaging around the internet looking for DIY decoration inspiration, I was immediately stopped in my tracks by these wonderfully colourful beauties: I’m of the opinion that if you can’t… 

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3rd december: diy decorations

Hampstead Wreath by True Brit Knits|| my life in knitwear

What better way for a yarn botherer to get in the festive mood than by making woolly decorations? Aside from being perfect for using up scraps, making decorations is a great way to play with colour and learn new techniques without having to commit to a large project. I’ve had a look around and amongst… 

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2nd december: sweet mincemeat

Mince Pie Flapjacks || my life in knitwear

A few weeks ago I confessed to one of my lovely readers that the Christmas Pudding we ate last year had actually been ‘maturing’ for just over 5 years. Yes, 5 years. And do you know, it was the most incredible Christmas pudding I have ever eaten. Made from Delia’s recipe, it had been wrapped and… 

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1st december: advent begins

Advent Calendar tree || my life in knitwear

I’m not sure where the past year has gone, it seems like only days since I was welcoming in Advent 2013 but here we are again for 2014. There was a minor panic yesterday as the traditional Advent calendar which Mum sends every year hadn’t arrived. Luckily I have an emergency stand-by which I’d forgotten… 

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view from the sofa

Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat 2014 || my life in knitwear

Popping in with a quick update as I am resting ‘the knee’ following a small operation at the weekend. I had an Arthroscopy to sort a few ongoing problems with my right knee and just in case anyone was in any doubt about which knee is the ‘right’ one, the surgeon comes and draws on you…… 

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Trienne by Rachel Atkinson, photograph by Juju Vail || my life in knitwear

I am so excited to finally be able to share my first published crochet pattern with you… This is Trienne, a cosy crocheted wrap made in Fyberspates Cumulus (told you I had a thing going on with it!) and the pattern has just been published in the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly magazine. Trienne is constructed from… 

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in preparation for stir-up sunday

Steeped fruit for Creole Cake || my life in knitwear

It’s six weeks to Christmas and whilst Stir-up Sunday isn’t until 23rd November I was keen to get ahead of myself this year and ensure all the fruit is ready to bake on the day. I love Christmas Cake. I love making them them, eating them, and gifting them so usually bake half a dozen or… 

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Hawick cowl by Rachel Atkinson || my life in knitwear

I’m so pleased I can finally introduce Hawick, my new pattern for Loop, London. Hawick (pronounced ‘Hoyk’) is knit in three bespoke colours of Orkney Angora St Magnus DK for Loop. I wanted to use the colours together in a pattern that would appeal to both adventurous beginners and advanced knitters by covering the ‘interesting yet easy’… 

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